MCSJ: Redesigning Website!

Hi Reader,

Lately, I have been learning a lot on HTML, CSS, Javascript and jQuery. I decided that in order to be a decent software developer, I should have some working knowledge on web development, so nearly a year ago, I purchased a course on Udemy called “Become a Certified Web Developer.” I’ll just be honest and say that it didn’t go really well, because I was really busy at that time. Over the past couple of months, however, I’ve gotten back on track. I’ve finished the HTML & CSS, Javascript and jQuery courses on Codecademy, and I’m currently learning more in depth on creating responsive websites on Treehouse. Since I’m starting to become quite familiar with the ins and outs of web development, I thought I’d redesign my own website. I want it to be really sleek, and something that is a good representation of me.

I worked on it for a couple hours today (while watching the Treehouse lessons), and I’ve come up with a really simple layout. It’s probably going to change a lot in the next few days, (or maybe weeks, depending on schoolwork) but I thought I would show you.

Main page
Main page
About Me Page
About Me Page

Long story short, I’m really excited for what to come. I am eager to learn more and more about Computer Science, and I can’t wait to gain experience in the industry. In my personal statement for Brown, I wrote about how “computers are intriguing creatures. They stubbornly abide by my every command, making me feel invincible, yet, rather hopeless when I fail to take complete control. The reason I never give up on them is because I realize how powerful and influential they are in our world.” Just recently I heard rumors about Apple developing the ‘iWatch’. I’m not exactly sure what they are capable of, but rumors say Apple is hiring physiologists for the iWatch. I can’t even imagine what life would be like ten years down the road.

On a rather similar note, on Saturday, I attended the Women Engineers Code (WECode) conference at Harvard University. There were probably about 300 attendees in total, most of whom were women. It was the first WECode conference, and I thought it was really well ran. I really liked how the focus is more on bonding between engineers, instead of just having the night/day away. I personally find Hackathons really intimidating.

Anyways, as you have probably noticed, I am basically just really excited. Excited about a lot of things. I have a project for my AI class due this Thursday, and we are supposed to generate paths for Pacman. Next Tuesday, I have a project called ‘Stars’ due for my Software Engineering class. We are supposed to implement a k-d tree, which I have never heard before. I will most likely have my first Photography class tomorrow (although I think it might be off due to President’s day).

It’s time to go to bed now.

With love,



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