Bucket List

Because why not, right? I just love to live life dangerously.

  1. Go skydiving.
  2. Go bungee jumping.
  3. Witness the Northern Lights in all its glory.
  4. Learn archery.
  5. Learn to play the harmonica.
  6. Get a scuba diving certificate.
  7. Fall in love.
  8. Do a Color Run.
  9. Collect postcards from fifty countries around the world.
  10. Visit Rio de Janeiro and watch a game at the Maracaña.
  11. Eat at a Michelin starred restaurant.
  12. Become ambidextrous.
  13. Complete the 365 Photo Challenge.
  14. Visit every continent around the world.
  15. Visit at least thirty countries before I turn 30.
  16. Maintain a body fat percentage of 20% for at least a year.
  17. Go hang gliding.
  18. Attend Roskilde Festival.
  19. Celebrate Midsommar in Sweden.
  20. Be able to do ten pull-ups in a row.
  21. Be able to do a back flip.
  22. Donate blood.
  23. Visit the Faroe Islands.
  24. Attend a TED Talk.
  25. Be fluent in two languages other than English and Indonesian before I turn 25.
  26. Public speaking in front of 1000 people.
  27. Have over 1000 followers on my blog.
  28. Ride in a helicopter.
  29. Learn how to pick locks.
  30. Visit all of the New7Wonders of the World.

On top of all that, of course I have my current goal: learn svenska and visit Sweden. And Denmark too, since it’s close by. And probably Norway too. Basically, the whole of Scandinavia.

I figure I’d keep adding and updating this list as time passes by, so I’m putting it up on my website.

Alright, that’s it for me. Indira, out.


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