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Taken from my Facebook status update today:


I seriously wonder what people think when I tell them I’m from Indonesia. Like, do they even know where Indonesia is? Have they even heard of Indonesia?

Very recently, I had this conversation with an acquaintance regarding the size of Indonesia:
Acquaintance: Yeah but, Indonesia isn’t even that big.
Me: I know right. … Wait what did you say? No, Indonesia is the 4th largest country in the world (after the US) in terms of population. In terms of size, from west to east it’s further away than Seattle to Maine!

Photo credits to WowShack
Photo credits to WowShack

Did you know that:

  • Indonesia, with its 17,000 different islands, is the largest archipelago country in the entire world.
  • Which country has the largest Muslim population? Saudi Arabia? Nope, there aren’t even 30 million people there. Pakistan? No, but close! Indonesia? YES! Although with that being said, Indonesia is actually a secular state.
  • What language do we speak? We speak Indonesian, although there are about 700 different languages being spoken across the country…
  • Speaking of diversity, did you know that there are 300 different ethnicities in Indonesia? YES, THREE HUNDRED!


Indonesia is a _very_ diverse country. Very culturally, geographically and geologically interesting. If you still don’t believe me, did you know that, marine surveys suggest that Raja Ampat (located in Eastern Indonesia) holds the world’s highest marine life diversity on earth?

I hate to admit it, but I die a little every time someone undermines or belittles Indonesia. Indonesia is freaking awesome, and I know that we don’t really have much of an impact on the world (yet), but we will soon. MAJULAH INDONESIA! Merdeka!



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