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A Jolly Winter in Vancouver

January 11, 2018
The last nine days of 2017 for me was spent in Vancouver, a vibrant seaport located on the Western coast of Canada. I've actually visited Vancouver before, but the last visit was quite a short one and…
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November Resolutions

November 01, 2017
I’m always looking for ways to constantly challenge myself and keep learning, so I thought I’d set up some goals for the month of November, and hopefully every month onwards. Personally, I’ve found…
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Leaving A Mark

May 07, 2016
I’ve been living the 9 to 5 grind for nine months now. A lot has changed since I entered the workforce, and I’m proud of how I’ve developed: I’m more comfortable picking up challenging work and I feel…
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Eat, Sleep, Dive

March 29, 2016
After nearly eight months of diving inactivity, I decided to hop on a plane to Cozumel for a scuba diving trip. I’ve wanted to go on a scuba trip for a while now, but I’ve been held back by the fact…
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Living Life to the Fullest

February 18, 2016
Time is a precious resource. It’s one of the only things in life which you can’t gain. In other words, the amount of time you have on earth will always decrease at any point in time. If you want to…
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Adult Life

January 12, 2016
In the past six months, I have: Graduated from Brown University. Moved to Cambridge, MA. Started working as a software engineer at Cimpress. As a kid, I would always look forward to the day where I…
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