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Learnings from "A Brief History of Indonesia"

January 31, 2024
Despite being an Indonesian citizen and living in Indonesia for 12 years, I often feel that I don’t know the history of my own people. This led to me and my friend Tiffany, both part of the Indonesian diaspora, to delve into ‘A Brief History of Indonesia’ by Tim Hannigan. The history classes I took as a kid often felt like a blur of dates and names, resulting in me not fully understanding the meaning behind them. However, it was through the pages of this book that the rich tapestry of Indonesian history finally started to “click” for me. It's a journey of discovery that I'm excited to share with you.
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My Top Books of 2022

January 08, 2023
Throughout my life, there haven’t been many identities I’ve embraced as much as I’ve embraced being a reader. It’s also one of the things which, amidst all the new experiences I went through in 2022, was a constant in my day-to-day life. I ended up exceeding my reading goal (I read 54 books, and my goal was 52), but most importantly, it was fun, and I learned so much. My reading journey of 2022 took me to colonization under the Dutch East Indies, a journey through eating disorders, a story of love, grief and heartbreak in modern Cyprus, and many more.
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My Top 5 Books of 2021

January 17, 2022
Ever since I was a kid, I’ve always loved reading. One of my fondest memories growing up is the trips my family would take to Gramedia, an Indonesian bookstore chain, on the weekends. When I lived in Singapore as a teenager, going to the Popular bookstore at Toa Payoh Station after school almost became a daily routine. Reading has always been a big part of my childhood, and after taking a dip in reading activity during my university years, 2021 for me was a year in which I truly rediscovered my joy for reading.
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